Course curriculum

  • 2

    How to Announce Your Event on Your Social Media Channels

  • 3

    Planning your social media content

    • Planning your social media content frequency

    • Social Media Content Planning - Example

  • 4

    Content creation & ideas

    • What type of content to post about your event?

    • How to write engaging captions for your event posts

    • Using your Instagram Highlights

  • 5

    Boost your content

    • Instagram Story Ideas for Before the Event

    • How to boost discoverability of your posts

    • How to use your contributors and double your impact

    • How to run a Facebook ad for your event.

  • 6


    • Scheduling your event content introduction

    • Using native scheduling

    • Using third-party scheduling tools

  • 7

    Live coverage

    • Prepping for your live event coverage

    • How to write a social media briefing

    • Social media briefing template

    • Live posting on social

    • Live monitoring

    • Instagram Story Ideas for During the Event

  • 8

    Post-event coverage

    • Post-event social media posts

    • How to make a square highlights video with Canva

    • How to make a Reel highlights video with Canva

    • Post event planner example

    • Post-event checklist

  • 9

    Measuring success

    • How to measure the success of your campaign

    • How to analyse your event campaign's performance

    • Post-event analysis presentation